Criminal and Civil Litigation

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Our clients trust us when trouble hits. Whether they know us because we handled their real estate closing, their estate planning, or divorce, or are simply aware of our reputation in the community, people come to us for representation for traffic violations, drunk driving charges, drug possession crimes, and other criminal defense matters.

The experienced trial attorneys at Ashenfelter, Slous, Trembulak, McDonough, Golia & Trevenen, LLP  have also proven themselves capable of handling complex, non-criminal litigation matters for individuals and businesses. Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a litigation matter, we can provide vigorous representation to protect your interests. Our clients come to us from Montclair, Glen Ridge, Bloomfield, Verona and surrounding New Jersey communities.

Criminal Defense Lawyers for Municipal Court Matters

We represent clients in Municipal Court, where all misdemeanor offenses are heard in New Jersey. Whether you have been charged with shoplifting, disorderly conduct, a DUI, a speeding ticket or an assault, our criminal defense attorneys have the experience, skill, and familiarity with the court system to provide the best possible defense in your case.

Serious Negotiators and Trial Attorneys for All Civil Litigation Matters

We also provide proven representation in personal injury, insurance defense, real estate and business litigation matters. Our attorneys regularly assist local business owners in issues related to a breach of contract, failure to deliver goods or services, property disputes and other matters that threaten their bottom line.

Not every case should go to trial; many issues can be resolved at the negotiating table and we will always pursue the most cost-effective and practical solution for your case. However, we prepare each case with meticulous attention to detail and the assumption that it will be settled in the courtroom. It shows the other side that we are serious about achieving a positive outcome and puts us in a stronger position to negotiate the results you want. If your case does go to trial, you will enter the courtroom with an experienced trial attorney at your side who will present your case with authority.

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